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Осознанные сновидения —это одна из форм изменённого состояния сознания человека, во время которой человек понимает что он спит и способен изменять течение собственных сновидений. Главная особенность осознанных сновидений заключается в том, что человек может себя не ограничивать в фантазиях и изменять увиденный мир как ему угодно, что подобно виртуальной реальности.


Саналы ұйқы – адам ұйқы кезінде ұйықтап жатқанын сезініп, өзінің түсін өзгерте алатын, сана-сезімінің өзгертілген күйлерінің бірі. Маңызды ерекшелігі – адам өзін қиялмен шектей алмайды және көретін әлемді өз қалауы бойынша өзгерте алады, виртуалды шындыққа ұқсас.



If we assume the average age of a person is 70 years. Then 23 years spent on sleep. And eight of them are dreams. Some of you may say, "Yes, I do not dream at all." But in fact, we all see from three to seven dreams per night. Just right there we forget them.

In the process of sleep, the body goes through several stages that are cyclically repeated one after another. To put it simply, one cycle consists of a slow sleep phase and a fast sleep phase. During the night, an average of 4-5 such cycles is repeated. During the phase of slow sleep, brain activity is minimal, the body is restored, minor repairs to internal organs and tissues, and replenish energy costs. This phase takes up most of the night. Up to eighty percent of total sleep time. But during REM sleep, brain activity is extremely high and with something similar to the states of vigor. Conditionally a person is conscious. It is believed that it is in this phase that the information received during the day is processed and exchanged between the conscious and the subconscious.

Lucid dreams are one of the forms of an altered state of human consciousness, during which a person realizes that he is sleeping and is able to change the course of his own dreams. The main feature of lucid dreams is that a person can not limit himself with fantasies and change the world around him, as in virtual reality. A lucid dream is a dream in which you understand that you are asleep, while in a normal dream you act as an ordinary viewer, that is, just watch a movie, then in a lucid dream you manage your dream, you can do anything, limited to imagination and feeling completely unpunished freedom of action. The term "lucid dreaming" (niderl. Lucide droom) was introduced by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederick van Eden (1860-1932) .

         Exercising in a dream can be even more effective than those in the real world. During a lucid dreaming, the brain sends appropriate impulses to the muscles, as during normal workouts - the same areas of the brain are responsible for this. So, in Tokyo, they set up another experiment on a dreamer, who was told in advance to perform all his actions with the help of his little finger. Upon awakening, the muscle mass of the finger increased by 11 percent, which is impossible to achieve in one workout in reality. Mechanical memory and motor skills can also develop during sleep. Thus, you can even learn some skill - playing chess or dancing. Lucid dreams will also help get rid of phobias. For example, an exam experienced in a dream can save a person from upcoming experiences, because the feeling of confidence during sleep will be transferred to the real situation of life. However, there is also a lack of lucid dreams. This is a dependency on them.

         The first way to achieve lucid dreaming is to keep a diary of dreams. The dream diary not only trains remembering dreams, but also brings awareness. Every time you wake up immediately write down what you remember, even if nothing. Main habit.

The next step is to get used to reality checks. In a dream there are very difficulties, seemingly simple things to read the page, count the fingers to find out the time. Look at the clock, turn away and check again. If time has changed then you are in a dream. Words on paper or time often change completely. The trick is to constantly check reality during vigilance. Out of habit, you will check in a dream and understand that you are in a dream.

The next technique is the mnemonic entry into a lucid dream or mild. Falling asleep, start thinking about a recent dream and imagine that you have realized it. The idea is to increase the desire to understand that you are sleeping right in your sleep. Repeat the phrase "today I will have lucid dreaming." Finally, when you master the mild, you can try a more complex technique - wild. Lucid dreams caused by awakening. The idea is to not let the consciousness fade away when the body falls asleep. In this case, you risk experiencing the so-called sleep paralysis. Absolutely normal phenomenon does not allow the body to twitch in a dream. Only you are awake and it is very scary.







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