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09 January 2017



The SSCC noted with keen interest the establishment of G-Global following a series of proposals made by the President of Kazakhstan, Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev. G-Global is intended to replace G 20 Group by including developing countries to facilitate the setting of new economic policy, to provide a launchpad for green energy, to strengthen peace and promote ethnic and religious tolerance. Kazakhstan is in a good position to offer advice in view of its multicultural policy, enabling more than 130 ethnic groups to live in harmony, and continually offering its services as an honest broker in recent crises such as the one between Russia and Turkey, and Russia and Ukraine. It is for this reason that Kazakhstan became the first Central Asian state to be offered a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

The following brief video encapsulates the aims of G-Global



Dr. Serik Nuzerbekov, the Secretary General of G-Global met on three occasions on 7th, 12th and 20th December 2016 with the SSCC Chairman to discuss the strategic alliance between the two organizations. As a result, a round online table was organized in G-Global offices on 20th December when Dr. Nugerbekov was joined by the following representatives of SSCC: Mrs. Ivonne A-Baki, Mrs. Hedva Ser, Mrs. Nancy Bakir, Mrs. Cecile Alvarez and Professor Andy Knight, as well as the SSCC Chairman, Prof. Akbota Zholdasbekova, Professor Punit Gaur, Dr. Seyt Ali Avcu and Mr. Aidar Kurmashev. It was agreed that the two organizations would work closely towards achieving the common goals by forging a strategic alliance, and that the leadership of SSCC will write to President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, praising the concept of green economy. Dr. Nugerbekov further agreed to join the SSCC Policy Advisory Board and asked in turn Dr. Sebek to ensure liaison with Latin American countries.

It was also agreed that G-Global will be represented at the SSCC Cartagena Workshop on reconciliation process in Colombia. SSCC was also invited to attend the 2017 session of the Astana Economic Forum and the World EXPO 2017 in Astana with a view to holding a joint global conference in June 2017.

The SSCC looks forward to working closely with G-Global and is grateful to the coordinator of its Eurasian Working Group, the Dean of the Faculty of International Relations at the Eurasian University in Astana, Professor Akbota Zholdasbekova, for suggesting and facilitating the building of this strategic alliance.



It should be known that the theme of 2017 World EXPO is “Green Energy” and this matches SSCC efforts on climate change, including its presence at COP22 in Marrakech in November 2016, reported elsewhere on the web.


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