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Meridians of global development

26 December 2016

Meridians of global development

G-Global International Secretariat has summarized its 5-year activities and drafted the further steps on promoting G-Global project that Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev initiated in order to democratize the process of global decision-making and strengthen the dialogue between countries. We talked to Serik Nugerbekov, Head the G-Global   International Secretariat about this.



– Serik Nugerbekovich, considering this is the anniversary year for the G-Global initiative, I’d like to flash out the important milestones of promoting the project internationally. What memorable moments could you note and how positive does the world see this initiative today? 

– Let me remind the Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev launched this considerable idea during his speech at the solemn meeting devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Kazakhstan’s Independence, “Unfortunately, G20 and G8 formats show their inefficiency in working out the best ways to exit the current crisis. I propose to enlarge the number of participants in search of global anti-crisis decisions” I propose to call the new communicative platform the “G-Global Project…”

Since active in the global network, G-Global  communications platform has become a constructive uniting site of multipolar world,  facilitating the efficient dialogue between countries on different aspects of modern issues. It was that very platform where a global discussion was held within developing the concept of World Anticrisis Plan that was shaped and brought to the level of UN ECOSOC in order to take measures on its update and development. At that, it was the first time in global history when representatives  of all of the world counties had opportunity to participate in working put documents of pivotal importance. 

July 1, 2013 to May 1, 2014, a virtual project called “VII AEF and II WAC” on shaping the WAP Concept has been successfully conducted on the G-Global platform. It is notable that over a million users form 170 countries of the world participated in the online project operation. Over 15 thousand reports and studies, about 50 thousand expert reviews and comments have been placed at the G-Global website.  Eventually, the UN countries coordinated by the ECOSOC should take joint efforts and develop a common action plan to move the global economy out from crisis. 

It has undoubtedly strengthened the Kazakhstan’s role in global anticrisis discourse Moreover, time has proven the consistency of many thoughts and ideas of President Nazarbayev sounded during the process. Having the background of modern challenges and threats, nobody needs to prove his fundamental finding that the mankind has created not only one crisis, but a complex of simultaneous crises by the beginning of the second decade of the new century. It is a real fact now. It is also obvious that no state - whatever powerful it is – and no biggest regional association can overcome these destructive phenomena. And the current social and economic situation in the world is  a speaking proof for it. So, is seems reasonable that tour country’s efforts to activate global anticrisis discourse and promote G-Global initiative eventually turned into a positive look the world community gives to Kazakhstan. 

Muhammad Yunus, one the most  eminent people of the modern world, Nobel prize laureate noted that: “Uniting people to discuss pressing issues of the time is very important, significant and logic. But consolidating the leaders of world science and practice to solve global problems is an unordinary and historically significant event. No Asia country has conducted events of such a high level as Kazakhstan has, which is undoubtedly an outstanding effort of President Nazarbayev.”

– It is known that the mobile means of G-Global communication platform are in active use to promote Green Bridge global initiative and update the content part of EXPO 2017 International Exhibition. In this regard, could you please tell us what is the G-Global contribution to promoting green economy and to preparing EXPO, first of all?

– It worth noticing that G-Global is not only a network of websites in Russian and English, but also a kind of global initiatives incubator having such organizational structures as  G-Global International Secretariat, EECSA, Coalition for green economy and G-Global development, Expo&Women International Organization and Alliance of Kazakhstan volunteers.Iin August 2014, G-Global International Secretariat and the Coalition signed a Charter of the Green Bridge Partnership Program initiating the social component of this program. Over twenty non-government organizations from 15 countries of the world have currently joined the charter.

Starting from August 2013 an online project called “EXPO 2017 virtual exhibition” portal and including the description of all types of environmentally efficient technologies, innovations and inventions including analytical reviews and foresight studies for the Future Energy topic for the third industrial revolution. is launched at the G-Global platform to promote EXPO 2017. The G-Global EXPO online pavilion demonstrates unique green innovations of domestic developers having patents and prototypes. Each user may, in its turn, submit its own green technology inventions forpublic consideration. There are different forums , workshops, roundtable meetings and conferences on topical issues of practical introduction of green technologies are conducted at the exhibition, in order to widely promote it. 

In November 2014, G-Global platform has launched Online EXPO International Competition of Innovative Ideas and Projects aimed at initial selection of innovations and projects for EXPO 2017. To date, 148 projects have been deployed and 913 users have been registered within this competition. It is significant that in the year of Kazakhstan's presidency in the SCO we have involved Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the “Green Bridge” Partnership Program, which opened a new direction of cooperation of countries within the SCO in the field of ecology and innovations.

This year we started the interaction with the structure of the “New Eurasian Holding of China”, with which G-Global Secretariat and the coalition entered into a trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation on Promotion of EXPO 2017, the GBPP, as well as the development of the Eurasian transport corridor on the principles of “green” economy. It is essential for us to establish scientific and technical cooperation with this organization in order to further attraction of venture capital of China for Kazakhstani innovations including reconstruction projects for general mining and aquatic ecosystems. This will also allow us to export our “green” innovations to China and import Western technologies through China.

Given the fact that from June 10, 2017 China has become the Chairman of the SCO for the first time, we have agreed with the organization on a number of activities at the EXPO.

– What major steps the Secretariat will take to implement the President's initiative on creation of dialogue center between the G20 and developing countries on the G-Global platform?

– To this end, we plan to make maximum potential use of EXPO 2017 and Kazakhstan's membership in the UN Security Council as the starting frameworks for the promotion of the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan. In particular, during the EXPO we would like to present a new project within the G-Global project, the Green Global Forum. We plan to hold it in 2018 as a part of the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of our capital. Later on, the Global Green Forum could be held at EXPO on an annual basis. In conceptual terms, this event should consist of 5 main components, i.e. events, discussing issues related to the implementation of the sustainable development Goals of the UN by 2030, the global initiative “Sustainable Energy for All”, the outcome of the Paris Climate Conference and the RIO+20 Conference and the "Green bridge" Partnership Program.

I would like to emphasize that all these most important documents of our time are supported by all member countries of the United Nations and global development institutions. But the problem is that none of these programs of global mainstream have no qualitative monitoring of their implementation in the today’s world. In fact, nobody knows how these fundamental programs are being implemented in countries and in the world. In this regard, we plan to use Green Global Forum’s platform to attract primarily non-governmental sector of our planet, which every year becomes more and more influential force in global development.

Practice shows that the upper classes are consistent in decision-making, but only the general population represented by non-governmental organizations and businesses can promote and implement these ideas. In this direction, former heads of global organizations, heads of states and governments and the parties interested in the practical implementation of the adopted development programs could have greatly helped us.

An important goal of the Green Global Forum is the actualization of tasks on implementation of the “Green Bridge” Partnership Program, which contains certain mechanisms for the transition of countries towards a “green” economy. As of today, we have held four major international conferences on this topic. Looking ahead, we have to ensure that it became the basis to the realization of the UN “Sustainable Development”. Kazakhstan should become a center of international dialogue between developed and developing countries in the format of G-Global.


The question is, at what expense will it be implemented? I would note that due to holding of Green Global Forum and establishment of the Green Global Fund. In other words, all the suggestions and recommendations received on G-Global platform during the year, should be elaborated and complemented by a new package of expert opinions in the “green economy” forum and submitted to G20 summits. Unlike other discussion forums, Green Global Forum will have a special status of a “green” format, which includes all 174 countries of the world. It is the only case when the G-Global initiative can be a platform uniting the world and promoting the implementation of the tasks, inclusive.

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