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Мадридте Азия мен Еуропа елдері арасындағы әріптестікті тереңдету перспективалары талқыландыъ

MADRID, 16 December 2019 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tileuberdi took part in the 14th Asia-Europe Foreign Ministers' Meeting (ASEM FMM 14). Foreign Ministers from 51 countries across Asia and Europe, as well as leaders from the EU and ASEAN, participated in the meeting. 


In his speech during a plenary session dedicated to building sustainable interconnection between Asia and Europe, Minister Mukhtar Tileuberdi discussed the main directions of Kazakhstan’s multifaceted foreign policy. In particular, Mr. Tileuberdi described the efforts undertaken by Kazakhstan in accordance with the priorities of the state policy of President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. It was noted that infrastructure projects are being successfully implemented within the Nurly Zhol State Program and the Belt and Road Initiative.

 Particular attention was paid to Kazakhstan’s transition to a green economy in context to successfully hosting EXPO 2017 and establishing the International Green Technologies and Investments Projects Centre. Intending to develop financial and technological networks between Asia and Europe, Mr. Tileuberdi proposed to use Kazakhstan's institutions such as the Astana International Financial Centre, the Astana Hub international technology park and Nazarbayev University.

 As a part of the FMM, participants exchanged views on the most urgent international policy issues including nuclear non-proliferation, cybersecurity, the situation in Syria and Afghanistan and climate change.

 Following the results of the meeting, the Chair’s Statement was adopted whereby the Foreign Ministers of the participating member states reaffirmed their commitment to further enhancing the connectivity and mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries of Asia and Europe. The participants pointed out the G-Global initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev as a platform for communication to enhance the interconnectedness between Asia and Europe.

 In the Statement, the Ministers also underlined the importance of the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference in Nur-Sultan in June 2020, which will provide tangible results for strengthening the global trading system.

 The Asia-Europe Meeting Summit (ASEM) was established on 1 March 1996 in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently, ASEM members include 51 states of Asia and Europe, as well as the EU and the ASEAN Secretariat. The main goal is to promote dialogue and cooperation between Asia and Europe. Interaction within the ASEM falls into three areas: policy and security, economy and finance, education and socio-cultural field.





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