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The <<Fund for Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relations>> was established to strengthen Chinese-Armenian relations within the framework of the <<One belt - one road>> initiative. The Fund was founded by Mr. Sergey Avanesov, who holds a PhD in economic sciences. The Fund has executed cooperation agreements with the largest regions of the Republic of Armenia: Shirak, Lori, Tavush, Kotayk, etc. The Fund's program is coordinated and supported by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in China. The Fund has also signed cooperation agreements with major Chinese companies interested in investing in the Republic of Armenia.

The Fund’s goal is to expand cooperation and strengthen commercial, economic, cultural and educational ties between the Republic of Armenia and the People's Republic of China, encourage cooperation between the two countries in development of online trading, creation of a <<Technopark>> and <<Global Headquarters Center for International Monetary Transactions>> in Armenia, as well as assisting in the implementation of investment projects creating new jobs, leading to changes in the socio-economic outlook and an overall improve the economic climate of the Republic of Armenia.

Among the Fund’s main tasks are the establishment of a comfortable and appealing investment climate to attract new potential investors; creation of ‘free’ economic zones; cooperation in the sphere of high technologies;  opening an <<Academy of Digital Trade for the Alibaba company>>; creation of an Industrial Technology Park with modern facilities, oriented towards the use of local raw materials working with new technologies, educational centers, financial academies for innovative technologies (fintech); promotion of the Republic of Armenia as a destination for Chinese tourists; development of educational and student exchange programs between China and Armenia; organization of direct flights between China and Armenia; construction of a plant for the production of basalt continuous fiber (BCF) and composite materials based on them; construction of a modern plant for the production of modular houses; opening a diagnostic center based on the application of methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); establishment of the latest medical center of TCM, engaged in preparation of medicinal drugs based on herbal preparations with ingredients grown in Armenia; opening of <<Trading Houses of Armenia>> in China; export of Armenian products to China.

The Fund will provide full and comprehensive support to projects, including obtaining government support and the necessary benefits for investors who are interested in investing in the Republic of Armenia, the development of the potential of Armenian economy and introduction of the latest technologies of scientific and technological progress in various sectors of the economy.

The <<Fund for Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relations>> has a General Representative Office in the city of Nanjing (Jiangsu Province, China), represented by <<Jiangsu GeFan Technology Trade Co., Ltd.>> (abbreviated: <<GeFan Group>>), whose main shareholder and the Chairman is Mr. Sergey Avanesov, PhD.